Partnership with Parents

Staplands recognises that parents are the child’s first carers and educators and therefore their views and knowledge of their children are paramount in ensuring that we are able to provide the best possible care.

Sharing of Information

Staplands encourages the sharing of information both on a daily basis and through meetings with parents, when parents can book a time convenient to them to discuss progress with their key person. Each key person is responsible for collecting a file of evidence for their key child’s developmental. This is looked upon as being a shared document and parents and carers are encouraged to provide information through their own observations and photos. Each child’s individual planning has parents contribution, so that information regarding the child’s current interests and learning at home is taken into account to help inform the planning choices made by staff. We strongly believe that the more information shared between the nursery and parents regarding the child’s learning, leads to improved outcomes for the children.

The nursery regularly provides parents with information regarding the nursery through newsletters, posters & daily discussions.

Involvement in Nursery

We believe that a parent’s involvement in nursery life enriches a child’s experience and we therefore invite and encourage parents and carers to become actively involved. From sharing particular talents, reading a story or to simply joining us on our different fun days and events.

Parents feedback and suggestions are most welcome. We will regularly ask for your input. There is also a suggestion box in the entrance hall.

Open Door Policy

Staplands operates an ‘open-door’ policy with regard to discussing any concerns with parents and we are committed to working together to resolve any problems or worries about a child or the care that they receive.

If a parent has a concern about their child they are encouraged to speak to their child’s key person. Any other issues regarding the nursery should be taken to the nursery manager, who can organise a meeting, if appropriate, to discuss them. If the parent is unhappy with the outcome and feels it has not been successfully resolved, they should follow the nursery’s complaints procedure.